Who What Etc on whowhatetc.com is an innovative super-charged hashtag system that I use to organize my disorganization. It is based on nine key folders: Who, What, Whence, Where, Why, When, Way, Wealth and Wisedom. The purpose of these nine folders are to describe discrete and unmistakeable categories for different types of reference information.

FocusPlex Implementation of WhoWhatEtc

FocusPlex on FocusPlex.com implementation of WhoWhatEtc uses the following keys ofr the following folders.

  • @ | who | ex. @mannchri (etc/who/m/mannchri/) First four letters of the first name and last name.
  • & | whence | ex. &mannfr (etc/whence/m/mannfr/) Top-level domain name with extension excluding all dots and dashes.
  • # | what | ex. #website (etc/what/w/website/) Concept1
  • : | when | ex. :2022-02-19-meet-mannfr (etc/when/2022-02/2022-02-19-meet-mannfr/) YYYY-MM-DD-Concept1
  • : | when | ex. :2022-02-19.md (etc/when/2022-02/2022-02-00-journal/) YYYY-MM-DD.md
  • ^ | where | ex. ^fr75015 (etc/where/f/fr75015/) Concept1
  • ? | why | ex. ?career (etc/why/c/career/) Concept1
  • = | way | ex. =tieatie (etc/way/t/tieatie) Concept1
  • $ | wealth | ex. $internetaccess (etc/wealth/i/internetaccess/) Concept1
    • | wisdom | ex. +rollout (etc/wisdom/r/rollout/) Concept1

See FocusPlex for how I use Fossil-SCM for my source-code management and also for this system. I have incorporated macros in VIM and in Visual Source Code to create links automatically in markdown files. Each concept is stored exactly 4-levels deep. The links are therefore relative.

Inside each folder, the default file is un.md. Translations are identified by their two-letter language codes.

  1. A "concept" is a word starting with a letter and having letters, numbers and dashes.